My HyperDocs presentation’s resources

Thanks to Sandra Palencia and Javier Pinto for the pictures! 

I did a presentation on how to achieve learner autonomy through HyperDocs yesterday at the BBELT 2018 Conference and I promised participants to share the resources since most of the templates and folders I had to share were on posters and QR codes, since some participants don’t have a QR reader app on their phone, or because due to the rush in the conference, they have to go to another session and can’t linger on to scan the codes, I decided to create this very brief post to share those resources. I will add in the content of the presentation, which I also want to share in another post, but for now, here just go the resources!

  1. BBELT 2018 Slides 
  2. HyperDocs Lesson Planning Template
  3. HyperDocs Sections Explained
  4. Walk-around Handout
  5. Bloom’s taxonomy list of verbs
  6. Link to buy the HyperDoc Handbook
  7. What is a HyperDoc blog
  8. Folder with templates by the authors
  9. Posters from the walls

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @crbuitrago and also the authors of the book, Sarah Landis, Kelly Hilton and Lisa Highfill for more ideas and resources on how to flip your classes and use #HyperDocs.

DISCLAIMER: I do not get anything from the authors for sharing this information. I do this, just because using HyperDocs transformed my classes and helped me help my students. I had always dreamed of having more autonomous learners and now that I finally reached that dream, I just want to share it!

I invite you to use any of the resources in your own classes or institutions, but give credit where credit is due! 😉

I also hope HyperDocs also transforms your teaching setting!

Happy HyperDocing!


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